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Common Dental Problems in Kids

Many parents are still unaware of the significance of taking their children to a paediatric dentist for regular check-ups. This is one of the reasons that children are more prone to develop dental problems. Sometimes, the oral issue becomes more complicated until the child is able to express the concern to his/her parent. Therefore, parents must keep a check on child dental health so that they can seek immediate treatment to eradicate any oral issue.


Here are some of the common child dentistry problems that might need dental professional help.


Tooth decay

It is one of the common problems faced by children today. The sticky or film-like build-up of bacteria, known as plaque accumulates on the teeth which release acids that eat away the teeth and lead to teeth decaying. Not brushing properly after eating candies, cookies, fruit juices, etc. can contribute to plaque deposits. However, it is a preventable condition. The dentist can guide children about proper brushing techniques and also recommend approved safe fluoride toothpaste for them to prevent decay.


Bad breath

Often bad breath is blamed on the stinky food item or "morning breath" however, chronic bad breath in children can indicate some serious dental issue. The leftover food, fluid, and plaque combine to produce hydrogen sulfide which leads to a bad smell in the mouth. Using antimicrobial mouth wash for brushing teeth could help to reduce foul smell and brushing teeth could avoid bacteria build up over the tongue.


Gingivitis or gum disease

It is an inflammation of the gum tissue which is often caused by poor oral hygiene and plaque build-up. The deposition of plaque and tartar can make the gums swollen, red and later lead to the recession of teeth. Bleeding can also be observed while brushing or flossing. Gum diseases can be easily prevented by following some simple dental care steps.


Over retained primary teeth

Sometimes, the child does not lose his/her baby tooth. If the primary tooth does not loosen then the permanent tooth can erupt by growing in the same space. The primary tooth can loosen the permanent tooth which can lead to obstructions, misalignment, trauma or infection. The dentist must remove the primary tooth so that the permanent tooth can develop without complications. Braces can also be suggested to correct any misalignments once the tooth has fully emerged.


Early tooth loss

Premature loss of a baby's teeth occurs due to tooth decay, injury or loss of jaw space. If a tooth is lost before a permanent tooth comes in, the nearby tooth can tip or shift and the new tooth could emerge tilted. Thus, early tooth loss results in malpositioned teeth which can also interfere with proper chewing. In case the child loses his tooth prematurely, the dentist might recommend a space maintainer.


Lip Sucking

Lip sucking or repeatedly holding the lower lip beneath the upper front teeth can result in an overbite. The top teeth can protrude over the bottom lip and can result in occlusion or asymmetric jaw.


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